Chris Brown Suing Woman Who Claims That He Punched Her in the Eye


Chris Brown is not playing anymore games in 2016, and to stay true to his plans for the new year, the young singer is suing an alleged assault victim and cutting down his list of friends.

Those close to Chris say that the “Royalty” singer is filing a lawsuit Liziane Gutierrez, the woman who claims he punched her in the eye at a Vegas hotel over the weekend.

Liziane filed a police report and made public accusations about the alleged incident after she claims Chris punched her in the face inside a Las Vegas nightclub.


However, despite Liziane sticking to her claims, the woman has a history of playing victim against male celebs who won’t play nice with her. Just last summer, Liziane had an altercation with singer Jason Derulo after he wouldn’t invite her to an afterparty with him, according to TMZ.

Chris has since publicly announced that not only does he not know this woman, but that she is in face “too ugly” to be associated with him and his crew. As for Chris crew, Breezy says that he is cutting out the “hangers-on” who are inviting “random girls” to hang out with him. Chris says that this is the second time he’s been falsely accused of abuse by party girls that were invited to hang out with him by someone in his crew.

After her incident with Jason Derulo, Gutierrez refused to substantiate her accusations against him with any facts or examples. Chris is saying that this is proof that she’s just a bitter woman who lies on celebs she doesn’t get her way with. Chris’ team are saying that this is all just a retaliation ploy for a bruised ego.

Source: TMZ