Chris Brown Makes Two Sponsors Pull Out of Concert in Protest Against Him

Chris Brown‘s bad boy image is now hitting him where it really hurts…in his pockets. Chris better consider really revamping himself because this is getting ugly.

According to Rhymes With Snitch

Earlier this week a Canadian telecommunications company pulled their sponsorship from the Energy Rush music festival in Nova Scotia after learning that singer Chris Brown had been added to the line up.

Another sponsor has followed suit…
The Center for Arts and Technology-Halifax released a statement on their Facebook page on their decision to cut ties with the event.

CATH writes,

“Due to the recent announcement of Chris Brown as Energy Rush’s featured artist, we have officially withdrawn our sponsorship from this event. When we became a sponsor of Energy Rush, we were not aware of who the featured artist was going to be at that time… We feel that pulling our sponsorship is the best option given the feature artist’s reputation. As an educational institution, we can’t ignore the sentiments expressed on campus that participating in this year’s event goes against our collective values.”

Daaaaamn Chris. This is bad. Nobody likes you, and you can’t write it off as “haters” because everyone wanted to see a change in you after the Rihanna incident. However, you pursued to fight Drake, Frank Ocean, and throw a chair at the window of Good Morning America….Chris you better call Olivia Pope because now you’re losing money.

Source: Bossip