Chris Brown Home Invasion Could Of Been Caused By Club Promoters


Looks like Chris Brown‘s mom was right when she said his recent home invasion was an inside job.

Law enforcement are keying in on the suspects, and evidence is pointing back to the club promoters for the event Chris was hosting that night. Hmmmmm

Via: TMZ

Cops have a hot lead on who is behind the home invasion robbery at Chris Brown‘s house … and it centers around a recent club appearance where Chris was paid a fortune in cash.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, they believe the mastermind behind Wednesday’s break-in was someone who knew Chris had just received $50,000 in cash for a nightclub gig. We’re told Chris typically does not have huge amounts of money lying around, so having it at the house was unusual.


TMZ broke the story … the robbers made it clear to Chris’ aunt who was in the house that they knew the identity of the homeowner. The robbers demanded to know from the aunt the location of the safe, and during the robbery they let it slip they knew about the $50k.

Law enforcement sources say only a few people knew about the cash, and they believe a promoter is a likely suspect of masterminding the heist.