Chris Brown Goes to Jail for 45 Minutes…..Ummm #ThugLife?

Chris Brown pulled a fast one Monday … turning himself in at an L.A. jail for his hit-and-run case — a day head of schedule.

Brown showed up at the Van Nuys jail at around 2 PM. We’re told his lawyer, Mark Geragos, engineered it all and the purpose was to make it happen without any photogs present.

Brown was booked and released on his own recognizance — no bail. We’re told the whole thing took around 45 minutes.

Now here’s what’s interesting. Just a few hours earlier, there was a gaggle of photogs at the courthouse which is connected to the jail, because 50 Cent made a court appearance. When the cameras were gone, Chris appeared.

Chris has proven time and time again that he is not about that life. First hitting a woman, second fighting a gay man, and now third…..going to jail for 45 mins…..not so #ThugLife

Source: TMZ