Chris Brown Defends Kanye West for Spazzing on Paparazzi

Everyone has seen and heard about Kanye West and his new run in with a thirsty photographer who was attempting to pump Ye for information while snapping pics outside of his home as he loaded his car to head to the airport with girlfriend Kim Kardashian at 4 AM!!!

There should be laws placed on the paps, as they continue to harass celebrities, and invade their privacy for pointless pics that us blogs hardly ever use. Most of our material comes from actual sit down interviews where celebs agree to be photographed and asked questions, NOT by thirsty cameramen who get paid crap, and are forced to harass celebs just for a few bucks by TMZ.

In light of the incident, media punching bag Chris Brown took to his Twitter to indirectly take up for Kanye and give his generalized 2 cents on the issue as someone who can relate to ruthless paparazzi rhetoric:

CBTweet1 CBTweet2

Ironically, Kanye was on his way to the San Francisco airport to board a plane for Paris when the latest lash out took place, as his camp has advised him to steer clear of LAX airport. Why? To avoid any further run-ins with hounding paparazzi. SMH.

This is getting out of hand. We know most celebs aren’t that smart, but seriously fighting for your rights isn’t rocket science. Band together and stop the crazy paps from destroying your careers.

Source: Bossip