Chief Keef to be Arrested for Refusal to Pay Child Support

Via TMZ reports:

Police in Chicago have been ordered to arrest Chief Keef. … if they see him … after the 18-year old rapper blew off a child support hearing.

Keef was ordered to appear in court on September 5 to explain why he hasn’t paid over more than $20k in child support payments to his child’s mother.

Problem is … Keef no-showed — so the judge issued an order for his arrest, which means if cops see him, they can drag him right to the slammer and hold him until he pays roughly 1/5th of his child support debt.

We know he can afford it — but it’s unclear why he’s refusing to pony up. Attempts to reach Keef for comment were unsuccessful.



DAMN SHAME! Can somebody get this little boy a mentor please??????