Chief Keef Pays Off Owed Child Support

We told you back in September that Chief Keef was set to be arrested and jailed for owed child support over his daughter.

Well it seems Keef manned up and took care of his responsibilities to avoid jail time because he just coughed up over $20,000 in back child support to his teenage baby mama……she’s set!

Via TMZ reports:

Chief Keef — prodigy rapper, horrible parent — finally paid off some of the $20,900 he owes in child support … ponying up JUST enough cash to keep his ass from getting arrested … again.

Court docs show on October 21st, the judge in Cook County, IL made Keef an offer he couldn’t refuse — cut a check for $11k to your baby mama and you won’t go to jail.

Keef (smartly) forked over the dough … which means cops won’t be ordered to arrest him on sight.

But Keef ain’t exactly out of the woods yet — the rapper is due back in court on December 10 to face the music for blowing off mandatory child support hearings earlier this year.

If the judge finds Keef to be in contempt, he could be sent back to the slammer … where he’s already been this year (twice!) for drug-related offenses.

Keef do you want to go back to jail?!?!?!