Chicago School Board Voting to Close Down 54 Schools!


With the high crime rates in the Chicago area it’s sad to hear that they’re also having issues with their school system.

The Chicago Board of Education is set to vote today on a potential proposal to close 54 schools in the country’s third-largest public school district in what would be the largest mass school closing in the nation!

The board plans to close 53 elementary schools and a high school this year, mainly in Hispanic and African-American neighborhoods. This has been met with protests by parents and union leaders who say the closings will harm communities and put children in danger by being subject to longer walks through troubled areas.

The Chicago Teachers Union had a 7 day strike last Fall after complaining over better pay and working conditions. Teachers are fearing that extreme overcrowding will occur in classrooms as a result of the mass school closings.

With all that’s going on in Chicago I think it’s safe to say that the US or State government of Illinois might want to step in a see what’s going on in that city instead of continuously ignoring it. Things aren’t getting any better and Chief Keef is still making records….

chicago school strike