Chicago School Board Votes to Close 50 Schools!!!


We told you yesterday how the Chicago Board of Education was voting to close down 54 schools in the Chicago area.

Well the board voted yesterday and the results are 50 schools will be closed down permanently. The decision was met with outrage from the Chicago Teachers Union.  

This decision only comes two months after officials announced that they even wanted to close the schools…and only two months later?! BOOM thousands of students will now be subject to overcrowded classrooms, long walks to school through dangerous neighborhoods, and more.

The closures “will consolidate underutilized schools and programs to provide students with the quality, 21st century education they need to succeed in the classroom,” Chicago Public Schools said in a statement Wednesday. (I wonder if any of their children are students at these schools….hmmmm)

The Chicago Teachers Union were against the closures, which it said would disproportionately affect African-American students.

“Today is a day of mourning for the children of Chicago. Their education has been hijacked by an unrepresentative, unelected corporate school board, acting at the behest of a mayor who has no vision for improving the education of our children,” said Karen Lewis, the union’s president. “Closing schools is not an education plan. It is a scorched earth policy.”

The Teachers union went on strike last fall after objecting to longer school days, and teacher evaluations tied to student performance and job losses from school closings.

With school districts across the country dealing with the issues, the strike quickly gained national attention. It resulted in a war between the teachers union and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who had spoke in support of the school closings in March.

“This decision has been delayed for a decade, and it’s our children and our city that have paid the price for inaction,” he said. “Consolidating schools is the best way to make sure all of our city’s students get the resources they need to succeed in the classroom.”

chicago teachers union


What do you think?! Do you think the Chicago Public School board and Mayor Emanuel are justified in their decision?

Do you agree with the Teachers Union that the Board is disconnected and not considering the risks their putting their students at?

Why are teachers so against these damn teacher evaluations?!?! Are you afraid that you’ll lose your job?

Make A Statement and tell us what you think. This is an interesting and serious topic that deserves some attention.

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