Charlamagne Talks His New Show “Uncommon Sense” With MaseTV [Show Teaser]


JeroslynDiva recently sat down with radio personality Charlamagne Da God to discuss his new MTV2 show “Uncommon Sense”.

Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne tha God” is an eight-episode, half-hour comedy talk show hosted by Charlamagne, and few guests.

Each week, Charlamagne is joined by a panel of comedians, curating the loudest social media topics of the week with an uncommon spin.

Charlamagne explained to MaseTV that the goal of the show is to “give our people a voice”. He mentioned how he will be sitting down with social media mavens who haven’t gotten the chance of getting their voices heard on television and discussing topics that should be discussed by people from the communities in which the topic pertains to.

He noted that no topics will be off limits on the show, and used examples of Trinidad James and Lil B being featured on CNN and ESPN as representations of Black and hip hop culture. Charlamagne explained that he hopes “Uncommon Sense” can help showcase a more accurate opinion from the hip hop community.

Charlamagne also discussed his distaste for CNN’s Don Lemon and how he feels he inaccurately portrays the Black community. Charlamagne says he wants the people Don Lemon targets on CNN to be a voice on “Uncommon Sense”.

When asked how the general public will be able to engage with the show, Charlamagne said he will be using Instagram videos submitted by the viewers in order to ensure that our voices are also heard.

Overall “Uncommon Sense” is a show for millennials, hip hop culture, and any other demographic who feels misrepresented by mainstream media. We commend Charlamagne for launching this show, and we look forward to the positive impact it will have on society as we know it.

Tune in to “Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne” when it airs on MTV2 on July 10th at 11:00pm.