ChargerLeash – Never Leave Your Phone Charger Behind! (REVIEW)


There’s been many times where I have left my house/office in a rush, leaving one of my important accessories behind: my phone charger!


In a world where everyone is glued to their smartphones, this is everyone’s worst nightmare. But what if you had something to remind you to bring your charger every time you unplugged it? That’s what ChargerLeash is for.






ChargerLeash is a charge & sync smart lightning cable built with an alarm system that will never allow you to leave your charger behind again. It works very simply too!

All you have to do is connect your ChargerLeash to your device then plug the opposite side into a USB charging source to begin charging. Once you’re all juiced up and in a hurry to go, unplug your device. Seconds later the built in alarm system will go off reminding you to unplug your charger and take it with you. There’s no way you could leave your charger in the wall  because it is THE most annoying beep ever. The only way you can make it stop is by putting your finger over the hole behind the alarm…. or unplugging it. How could you forget then?

You can’t! Here’s a video snip of it in action.




You can pick up a ChargerLeash for 9.99 – 34.99 depending on the model you pick up for your specific device. You can purchase the iPhone 5 ChargerLeash demoed above by clicking HERE.

With ChargerLeash –  you no longer have to worry about leaving your charger. This is perfect for the super busy individual always in a rush, or for that person who always needs their phone on and must have their charger with them at all times. It has a nice 4-foot cord for your convenience, an alarm system that reminds you to take it with you and its speedy with charging your device. What’s not to love?

Get yours now and this wont be you: