Ceaser’s Mom Tells Dutchess to “Grow The F*ck Up” on Next Episode of Black Ink Crew


Owner Ceaser’s mother, nicknamed Mommy, visits the Black Ink Tattoo Studio on Black Ink Crew.

She asks Ceaser where the rest of the staff is when she doesn’t recognize everyone around her. Ceaser, Dutchess and Teddy explain that some of the old staff has left the shop, including Sassy. More specifically, they tell Mommy that Sassy quit her job at Black Ink because of joking around the shop about Teddy sleeping with Sassy.

Teddy expresses his frustration with the fact that he’s in the middle of a conflict that caused Sassy to cry. Dutchess says she doesn’t care how Sassy feels, given that Dutchess’ relationship with Ceaser was the butt of Sassy’s jokes. Mommy tells Ceaser that he needs to fix things with Sassy, which grates at him.



Source: 24Wired