CATFISH RECAP: Keyonnah and Bow Wow!!! (Guaranteed Laugh)


19 year old Keyonnah from Cameron NC believes she’s in an online relationship with the rapper Shad Moss, better known as Bow Wow, who is 26 and host of BET’s 106th & Park.

Okay, now how funny does this already sound??? girl bye!! But let me continue….

She sent him a message on his fanpage about his music and they began texting on a daily basis (over a four month period). She said they always talked about how they would be a happy family together with their daughters. But here’s where it gets suspect ….. Every time she tried to Skype him he would say he’s too busy and had to get back to her. But get this…. He sent her $10,0000!!!

bowwow-keyonnah-catfish keyonnah-bowwow-catfish-recap 2

So damn okay. Who has 10 grand to send to random females?? Let me know, I want 10k too, lol!!

Nev and Max quickly hop on the case because…. No one just has 10k to blow. It turns out the original page she started talking to him on was deleted and they ONLY text. Suspect. The number was registered by someone named Renee, who also had a son named Maurice who had a daughter as well. So maybe it was him???? Read on.

keyonnah-bowwow-catfish-recap 4 keyonnah-bowwow-catfish-recap 5

Nev asks Keyonnah who exactly sent her the money and she says Bow Wow had his manager “Larry Brown” send the money. So of course, they call in a rep from MTV and they confirm that Bow Wow’s manager is Ant, not Larry. You would think she would know that since she said she’s been a fan of him for so long. Smh.

But then there’s another interesting turn in the plot! They contact “Bow Wow” and he agrees to meet his “princess” Keyonnah in Atlanta before he heads back to NYC to film for 106 & Park.

Nev and Max arrive at the house and a skinny lesbian by the name of DEE PIMPIN opens the door. Of course Keyonnah who’s loved Bow Wow was devastated. Well girl what did you expect????

keyonnah-bowwow-catfish-recap 3

23 year old Dee Pimpin fetches women off fake Bow Wow pages for attention. Although she knows most of the girls (including Keyonnah) are straight, she says she likes a challenge and wants straight girls to see what she can do.

GIRL BYE!! She was so confident it killed me. Apparently she’s good at pretending to be a guy by putting a lamb skin dildo in her pants so girls can think she’s a dude when they feel her up. Girl, you have a problem if you have to do all that!!!!

Lesson of the day: don’t be so stupid, you ain’t talking to no celebrity online and if he can’t Skype and always has a bad connection YOU ARE BEING CATFISHED!!! Duh!!


keyonnah-bowwow-catfish keyonnah-bowwow-catfish- dee pimpin


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Photos: MTV