Canadian Rappers Slams BET for Taking Him Off Hip Hop Awards Cypher


Many people within the Battle Rap  and Canadian community know Corey Charron for his lyrical skills, as he is regarded as one of the best in his country.

He’s gone toe-to-toe against many skilled battlers such as DNA, 100 Bulletz and more, and was featured on BET’s 106 & Park Freestyle Friday battle tournament earlier this year at which he defeated all of his American opposition.  Corey won $5,000 and an opportunity to appear in BET’s “The Cypher” for the 2013 Hip Hop Awards; however, Charron has been recently notified that he was cut from the cypher.

Charron took to his Facebook account to address the matter, revealing that he feels as though his removal from the cypher is due to discrimination at the hands of BET.  He feels as though him being a White Canadian rapper shouldn’t matter, and that BET backed out of their “contractually agreed upon” prize.  Charron has instead decided to record his cypher from Canada in the same black-and-white style that BET films theirs.

Charron and many of his fans and Battle Rap companions have been tweeting about his exclusion from BET’s The Cypher as well, voicing their opinions and disappointment that BET backed out of their agreement.