Cam Newton Knows He ‘Scares People’ Because He’s A Black Quarterback


Cam “Dab Master” Newton has been under harsh scrutiny from NFL lovers who seem to be bothered by the success and popularity of the Carolina Panthers Quarterback.

As the Superbowl approaches, Cam is finally breaking his silence on why he believes so many football fans are offended by his confidence and style of playing the game.


Via: HuffingtonPost

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton spoke candidly with reporters on Wednesday afternoon when speaking about how he believes he is perceived by some people in the public.

Newton said he fully believes that his race unfortunately plays a role in how people view him because he doesn’t necessarily “fit the mold” of the league’s many white quarterbacks in the past.

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Although some people won’t admit it, the reason why they are uncomfortable with Newton — his dancing, confidence and skill set — is because he is black.

The 26-year-old also said he understands that no matter what he does and what he accomplishes, people will formulate reasons to criticize him.

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The type of people that talk seem to be the same people who take the time to write editorials to their local newspaper or television affiliate.

And despite all the unjustified criticism thrown Newton’s way throughout the season, he is on the precipice of joining a very select club.

Newton will be the sixth black quarterback to ever play in the Super Bowl and is trying to become only the third to win it all. Doug Williams in Super Bowl XXII and Russell Wilson XLVIII are the others.