Braven Announces World’s Smartest Portable Backup Battery + More #CEWeek


Braven was present at CE Week NY last week and they demoed the latest products from their line including the BRV-BANK the World’s Smartest Rugged Portable Backup Battery. This bluetooth enabled battery pack is pumped with 6000mAh of power, has a USB flashlight and quickly charges your favorite energy demanding gadgets such as your smartphone, tablet GPS or GoPro. Oh, and it’s water resistant.



What’s even better is that you can control the functions remotely through an application. It allows you to control each port to help conserve energy and from the same app you can activate ‘Bear Mode’ and ‘S.O.S’ mode as well. Bear mode will activate a motion sensor on your smartphone and will sound an alarm when it is moved (how convenient is that?)

For all of you big outdoor adventure folks – this would be the perfect outdoor companion for you! It’s rugged make and awesome features makes this a must for every emergency pack. I actually got a chance to check it out at their booth during CE Week and it was pretty neat and handy. Gavin was very helpful in showing me how exactly the app worked to control the ports and it was very easy to understand. This power pack will charge most smartphones up to three times and is definitely made for mother nature’s mood swings if need be.

Your new portable outdoor best friend will run you $129.99 and is available right now at BRAVEN.COM

Be sure to check out their other popular products, also exhibited during CE Week such as the BRAVEN BRV-1 bluetooth waterproof, shock absorbent lightweight speaker that is also made for rugged settings or even the beach. I got to briefly check this one out too and it was very compact and lightweight. It will play music UNDER water which is pretty awesome. It’ll run you $99.99 over at Keep an eye out as we may be able to provide you with an in depth review on some Braven product.