Brandi Maxiell Gets Fired From #BBWivesLA By Shaunie O’Neil [Full Recap & Episode]


Fans of “Basketball Wives LA” witnessed a classic shade session between the show’s Executive Producer Shaunie O’Neil, and LA castmember Brandi Maxiell.

Brandi was so enraged with Shaunie that she called her out of her name one too many times, and ended up getting herself kicked off the show.

Take a look below at a full episode recap and viewing.

Brandi and Tami get into an extremely heated exchange at the beach. It was at this point when the division between the LA and Miami casts was made apparent.

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Angel decides to leave Puerto Rico after her heated exchange with Meghan “the thot”.

Shaunie and Tami began to reflect on the pettiness from the LA girls after they uninvited them to a zip lining excursion.


The LA Girls speak on their frustrations with the Miami cast (Shaunie and Tami).

During the ladies final dinner in Puerto Rico Jackie asks everyone to give honest thoughts on everyone at the table……

Brandi decided to give Shaunie a piece of her mind, but got real nasty out of the mouth in the process. Shaunie gave Brandi the most classic read before thanking her for her services, and firing her from the show.


Can’t wait for the reunion show this Sunday!