#BowDown: Beyonce Gets Snatched Off Stage By A Crazed Fan, But Remains Calm and Talks to Fan After Performance

V Festival: Chelmsford - Day 1
V Festival: Chelmsford - Day 1

From falling down stairs to getting her hair caught in a fan, Beyoncé often falls victim to the most insane mishaps at her concerts, and keep her cool, sexy, and class.

While Rihanna is busy hitting her fans in the head for grabbing her at concerts, or telling them to “back the fu*k up” when trying to get a pic, Bey remains professional and classy when handling her mishaps and fanatic fans.

While singing “Irreplaceable” during the São Paulo, Brazil stop of The Mrs. Carter Show on Sunday (Sep 15), the singer kneeled down on one side of the Bey Stage to interact with fans. Suddenly, an aggressive fan jumped up and pulled her down into the audience.

Fortunately, Bey’s bodyguard Julius was standing nearby and quickly pulled her back onstage. She resumed singing without missing a beat.

As the song concluded, security guards began escorting the fan away. However, Beyoncé stopped them, saying, “He just got a little excited. It’s alright.” She proceeded to ask the fan his name, shook his hand, and said, “Thank you. I love you, too.”


That, ladies and gentlemen, is a class act.

Source: TheHonestyTour