Bow Wow Comes For Erica Mena After She Reveals Why She Left Him [Video]


Exes fiances, Bow Wow and Erica Mena continue their messy breakup war on social media after Erica’s recent revealing interview on what caused the two lovers to go their separate ways.

Erica recently sat down with VladTV and told them that she left Bow Wow after learning that he is, “more damaged than she is”.

Once Bow Wow caught wind of the slanderous interview, he took to Instagram to put Erica and her “acting skills” on full blast.

bowwow bowwowericamena

All this comes after Erica recently clowned Bow Wow on social media earlier this month after she let it be known that she is really done with her “corny” ex-fiance.

Erica Mena tweet

Bow retaliated by letting the world know that he and Erica had sex as recent as two months prior…

Bow Wow comment

Really Shad? Way to NOT make yourself look like a cornball!

Erica once again responded to Bow Wow’s shade with some shade of her own.


This is in reference to Bow Wow’s most recent public slander over his claims to not support Black Lives Matter because he considers himself biracial.

Erica posted one more message in reference to the peace she has made with her past.


Bow Wow….its time to focus on your TV career and stop arguing with your exes on social media.