BookATailer CEO Jacomo Hakim Shows MaseTV NYC Showroom [Video]


 Jacomo Hakim is the Founder and CEO of BookATailor an innovative pioneer in custom bespoke menswear.

At the age of young age 25, Hakim has created a multi-million dollar company by simply creating a new way for men to shop and get shirts and suits with an exact fit.


As most “off the rack” clothing isn’t made for the average man’s body type in the U.S., BookATailor creates bespoke clothing – where every single garment is cut by hand by tailors. This is completely different from most brands that are “made to measure” (where clothing is simply altered by tailors after it is originally 75% made).

With 12 showrooms around the country in just three years, BookATailor is vertically integrated – as they have total control of every single aspect when it comes to everything: from production to retail. With their own production facility located in Bangkok, Thailand, BookATailor oversees everything from making the product to the point of sale to the retail consumer.


As of 2014, Hakim’s company grosses close to $5 million annually – and has brought him closer to being a billionaire in the fashion industry (one his lifetime goals).

Watch below as Khris Johnson (@KhrisVJ) sits down for an in depth interview with the young fashion business mogul.

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