#BlackInkCrew – Skyy & Rahsheeda Ali Throw Hands Over Eyelashes [Video Recap]


Black Ink Crew did not disappoint with bringing the ratchet and drama to another Monday night.

Last night’s episode was filled with fists flying, wigs being pulled, sign language curse words, tears, and so much more.

Donna sat down with her tattoo mentor Naeem for some relationship advice on her cheating and incarcerated fiance, Maxwell. However, Naeem seems more interested in getting out of the friend zone with Donna.

Sky reveals how depressed she is over her two sons that she was gave up for adoption as a teenager.

Ceaser brings Teddy to the new Black Ink tattoo shop on 125th St. But Ted wasn’t feeling Ceaser’s vision.

The Black Ink Crew team showcases OSh*t’s art to the public, but where is OSh*t?!

Rasheeda Ali of LHHNY stops by Black Ink to have Ceaser touch up an old tattoo he put on her hand. But little does Ceaser know about the big beef that is brewing between Rasheeda and Skyy over an eyelash line.

Puma and his Art2Ink crew throw a gathering at the tattoo shop, but Naeem’s girlfriend distaste for Donna goes to an all new level once she learns that Naeem and Donna use to mess around. This results in Donna getting cussed out in sign language on national television.

Puma is still happy about the future.

Skyy leaves to go see her kids.

Ceaser gets fed up with OSh*t constantly letting him down.

OShit reveals the lack of self confidence he has in himself.