Black Women Goes Off Black On Black Murderers & #BlackLivesMatter [Video]

 Peggy Hubbard is a mother who is angry about the death of 9-year old girl who died this week but had few protesters. Defining herself as a “strong black woman,” Hubbard says that she even turned her own son in to the police when he committed a crime.
“Do you think the police are out here for fun?” she asked. ‘Do you think they’re out here for games? They’re not going to tuck you in. They’re not going to give you a cookie and sing you a lullabye. No, they’re gonna pop a cap in your ass. You shoot at them and they’re going to shoot at you … If you try to kill them, their job is serve and protect, not serve and die.”

This woman is extremely harsh. But sometimes tough love is what you need in order to get your ish together.

Do you agree with Peggy Hubbard? #MakeAStatement