Most Hilarious Reactions to Season Finale of Issa Rae Hit Series #Insecure [Pics]


Fans watched in anticipation on Sunday night as the season finale of Issa Rae‘s hit HBO series “Insecure” had everyone talking.

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The hit HBO show aired the final episode of its first season on Sunday at 10:30 p.m. ET, and the end definitely left fans wanting more.

The finale addressed a number of the season’s biggest conflicts, including Issa’s friendship with Molly and of course, her messy relationship with her live-in boyfriend Lawrence. The episode kicked off with the girls headed down to Malibu for a

The episode involved a girl’s trip with Issa and her friends all while she secretly sulked over her recent breakup with Lawrence. The shade between Issa and Molly was evident, but major shade was thrown during a jacuzzi scene.

However, it was the last scene with Issa’s now ex-bae Lawrence that had Black Twitter going off.

We’ll spare the details for those who still haven’t seen, but take a look at some of the fan reactions below.

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