Black Teacher Files Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against Arizona High School


via Breaking Brown

A black teacher in Arizona is suing her school claiming that students harassed her and turned her job into a “nightmare.”

Students at Ahwatukee’s Desert Vista High School allegedly posted videos online of themselves tapping Dr. Cicely Cobb on the head with laminated bathroom passes. On Twitter, the students allegedly suggested that she join an all black dating site.


“I think I accidentally took Dr. Cobb’s class on black history, instead of junior English,” read another post by a student.

Even worse is a picture of Cobb which seems to depict her wearing blackface.

“The minstrel photo was absolutely sick,” she said. “Minstrel jokes were associated with my grandfather who was born in 1912 – that generation.”

One student even posted a picture of Cobb with the caption, “Dr. Cobb sighted working the corner,” implying that the teacher is a prostitute.


“That comment to me, from my perception, was extraordinarily sexist; extraordinarily racist,” Cobb said. “And, it hurt my heart.”

This culminated with Cobb filing a lawsuit in February claiming that she was “the victim of racial discrimination.”