Black Lives Matter Takes on Ray Lewis “Black Men Killing Black Men” Video [Video]


Former Baltimore Ravens Linebacker, Ray Lewis, recently made headlines after he posted a lengthy video where he questions the validity of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ organization and criticized them for what he believes is a lack of concern for “black men killing black men”, specifically in the violence-stricken neighborhoods of Chicago, IL.

On Saturday (April 9th), The Core Organizer of Black Lives Matter DC, stopped by CNN to address Lewis’ comments. He begins his rebuttal by calling the commonly used term “black on black crime” a myth.

The University of Chicago graduate believes Lewis’ comments are out of context and based on popular theories stemming fromanti black racism” further stressing the point that, “inter-community crime is a problem in all communities across the nation”, alluding to an unfair focus on crimes committed by African Americans against African Americans.

Directly responding to Lewis, Goggens encourages the former Super Bowl champion to research common misconceptions about “Black on Black crime” and to have open dialogue with other fellow athletes that have taken action into solving problems in under underserved communities.