“Black Ink Crew” Season 4 Episode 1 [Full Video Recap] #BlackInkCrew


Season 4 of “Black Ink Crew” kicked off on Monday night, and the Harlem tattoo shop filled us in quick on all the drama that transpired since last season ended.

Dutchess is intent on opening her own tattoo shop in North Carolina, while Ceasar is focused on expanding the Black Ink brand in NYC. Oh Sh*t is still on ends with Kathy, and Puma is working to live a normal life with his wife and daughter.

Watch the full video recap of the season premier episode below.

Ceaser is rethinking the NC shop.

Duchess is finally living out her dream.

Sky needs money for her new butt lift and clothes for the new butt.

Ted‘s finally been officially appointed “2nd in Charge” at Black Ink.

Oh Sh*t needs to step up his child support payments for Achilles.

Cesar thinks Dutchess might be pregnant.

Kathy seems pretty serious about Oh Sh*t increasing his child support payments.

Despite getting fired last season, Diamond is still adamant about tattooing at Black Ink.

Ted doesn’t think Diamond can handle the tattoo she’s scheduled to do for a new client.

Donna leaves her client waiting over 3 hours to get tattooed.

Cesar doesn’t want to have another baby, but Dutch won’t get an abortion.

Ceasar gets arrested for failing to make his child support payments.