Big Sean Says He Can Out Rap Drake, and Drake Responds

Detroit rapper Big Sean recently hosted the listening party for his sophomore album “Hall of Fame,” during which he decided to make a bold speech to the fans, the press, and his friends.

During the speech, Sean wonders why he isn’t categorized with the best current rappers, and claimed that he can “out-rap” Drake any day.

“I wonder why people don’t consider Big Sean as one of the best rappers,” asked Sean. “They might consider J. Cole one of the best rappers, they might consider Drake one of the best rappers. I’ll hop on a song with Drake and out rap him and that’s my homie.”

In a curious subtweet, Drake appeared to respond to Big Sean’s allegations.

“Bench players talking like starters I hate it,” tweeted Drake.

Drake just released the song “All Me” which is assisted by Big Sean, so it’s pretty interesting that their taking mini shots at each other.


Big Sean is definitely one of the top rappers out currently, but we’re not sure if he’s on Drake’s current level. What do you think?

Who do you feel is a better rapper?


Source: VladTV