Beyonce Gives Middle Finger to Grammy Snub [Pics]


Despite Solange speaking on her sister’s Grammy snub, Beyonce has been silent after losing Album of the Year to Adele at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards.

However, Queen Bey might have just clapped back at the Grammy’s in her own artistic way.

Beyonce and the family joined Solange for her post-Grammy party, and birthday celebration for Kelly Rowland. The group took a variety of fun loving family photos together.

But it’s two photos that Beyonce posed for that have many wondering if Bey is sending a subliminal shot to the Grammy academy who snubbed her “Lemonade” album over Adele’s “25”.


Mama Tina Lawson even joined her daughter in giving a big “eff you” to whoever made her baby girl mad…..


Hmmmm. Beyonce could just be in the middle finger flying mood, but then again we know Bey is queen of subliminal shade.

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