Beyonce Gets Roasted After Announcing New Vegan Diet Plan [Video]


Many among the beyhive were pissed off on Monday when Beyonce finally made her big reveal after making her fans wait a whole weekend to hear the news.

Beyonce announced on Friday that she would have a big announcement during Good Morning America on Monday morning. New music and pregnancy rumors began to swirl, but many were disappointed when all Beyonce announced was her new vegan diet plan.

Since the announcement Bey has been getting roasted by her own Beyhivers.

Beyonce-BeyHive-Upset7 Beyonce-BeyHive-Upset6 Beyonce-BeyHive-Upset5 Beyonce-BeyHive-Upset4 Beyonce-BeyHive-Upset3 Beyonce-BeyHive-Upset2 Beyonce-BeyHive-Upset beyonce-vegan

Seems even Beyonce isn’t free from the sting of the Beyhive.