Menswear Line For Global Lifestyle: Brett Johnson Collection (@BrettJohnsonCollection)


 Via: StyleBlazer Son of BET founder Bob and Sheila Johnson, has a collection composed of high-end Italian made menswear separates, Johnson’s approach to everything is considering the man wearing the pieces.

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“Our guy is a doctor, architect or entertainment executive, anywhere from 25 to 50 generally, along with professional athletes,” Johnson told StyleBlazer. “A man who likes quality material, design and tailoring.”

Once a student at the University of Michigan, he dropped out after two years to pursue his love of fashion. With no formal design training and the help of a graphic designer, he’s created the Brett Johnson Collection. 

Brett Johnson Collection-2

In just two years, the now 25-year-old has created a A/W15 collection of fitted wool coats, ribbed knits and tailored slacks for the aforementioned man.

So where does Johnson fit in the amalgamation of menswear lines? Somewhere between quiet confidence and intense cool. We’re here for this journey.

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Photo: Courtesy of Brett Johnson

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