BET Catches Backlash After Announcing Return of “BET Uncut”


BET recently announced the return of their old raunchy late night music video show BET Uncut.

However, many are upset that of all the shows BET would think to bring back, it would be BET Uncut over a more newsworthy or uplifting show for the Black community.

Via: DigitalSpy

The network posted a trailer on Instagram and announced that the show will be back next Tuesday (August 11), but despite writing that they had brought the show back by popular demand, the response in the comments section was less than positive.

One user wrote: “Of all the issues our community is facing, Y’all decide to go back in time to bring BET UNCUT back on the air? It’s 2015. If people want to see ass shakin’, it’s a click away 24/7.

“Why not use BET as a platform to promote political and cultural education within our community, for example? Why doesn’t BET have a consistent news program? @betnetworks do better!”

Back in its heyday the show earned itself a TV-MA rating, but will have it the same shock value in the age of social media?

Do you think BET should begin airing its Uncut series?