Bernice Burgos & Tiny Harris Take Major Shots At Each Other Over T.I. [Video]


The beef between singer Tiny Harris and model Bernice Burgos continues to grow over Bernice’s alleged sidechick relationship with Tiny’s husband, T.I.

It appears that T.I. has been finding comfort in the arms of Bernice during the still pending divorce between Tip and Tiny. The wife of the Atlanta rapper has been calling Bernice out on social media over her secret romance with her husband.

Things appeared to have escalated on Monday after Bernice posted a video where she appeared to be taking shots at Tiny while singing an old song from Tiny’s R&B group, Xscape.

Tiny caught wind of the shade and took to Instagram to give Bernice a piece of her mind.



Bernice then liked a comment by someone who spoke in defense of the curvy model.