Beauty Tip Of The Week: Lip Stains


Ladies do you ever wear lipstick and have to reapply it over and over? Don’t you wish you can just put on a lipstick once and it last you all day? There are lip products that do that, it’s called a lip stain. Lip stain is just a liquid lipstick that you put on your lips one time and it stays all day. Even after you eat, drink, kiss anything it will not move. Not only do you save time in your busy schedule by not having to reapply your lipstick, your saving product too.


Lip stains range from all different prices, but they are all meant to do the same thing, give you lip color for up to 8 hours.

Youtubes beauty guru Itsmyrayeraye loves lip stains, and even shows you a video on how to apply and remove it.


Moisturizing your lips is the key factor in making you lip stain go on smoothly and stay all day. You can create your own lip exfoliator with just brown sugar, olive oil and honey or you can buy one. Elf cosmetics has a lip exfoliator for $3 bucks! Use a lip balm with a SPF and then apply your lip stain.


To remove a lip stain you can’t just wipe it off. You can take baby oil or makeup removal to help dissolve it and take it off.

So if your looking for all day lip color, try a lip stain. Don’t be afraid to BE BOLD, and MAKE A STATEMENT.

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