Beauty Review: NARS Sheer Foundation


As a woman of color I have gone through many trails and error with foundation. Having two strikes against me from the start, having oily skin, and being brown skin. Most foundations are either super fair, or extremely dark. There are very few foundations with your in between medium to darker shades. I wanted more options than your typical MAC cosmetics, which if you have oily skin you don’t always get the best results.


So after trying so many foundations there was always a flaw. One shade to light, or one shade to dark. Made me way too oily or dried out my skin. Not enough coverage. You name it, my skin has been through it.

Then finally the makeup Gawds answered my prayers, and NARS sheer was created.


NARS sheer is a foundation you can find at Sephora. It comes in a range of shades from your lightest of light to your darks and everything in between. You can buy it in two different finishes, matte or glow. Despite what the same says it gives you medium to build-able full coverage. A little goes a long way and the pay off is amazing. It is pricier than your drug store brands and even pricier than MAC but it is worth every single penny. And ladies think of it like this, can you really put a price on flawless looking skin? Invest and treat yourself. And if you don’t believe me check out your favorite YouTube makeup gurus and their thoughts on the product.


Stay beautiful.

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