Fashion Highlight: Brooklyn Born Designer KAYODE


Ever watched the short lived series Made it in America ? Wasn’t it a great show ? For those of you that have never heard of the HBO series Made it in America, the show plot was about two young men living in New York City, grinding their butts off to get their breakthrough in the fashion industry.

However, the HBO series only lasted two seasons so the loyal fans never got the chance to find out if characters ever made it. Even though the series is over for Made it in America, another series has picked up one of the designers, a young jewelry designer named Kayode.

Kayode founder of Kayode Co. was born and raised in the borough of Kings, BROOKLYN! Kayode started making jewelry in 2009 and started with making shamballa bracelets. From there he started making his mark in the fashion industry. Since 2009 his jewelry has evolved.

It started with shamballa beads and now his works include iconic fish bone chains,  bracelets, and body chains. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Teyana Taylor, Marcelo Burlon, and Rihanna’s stylist Melissa Ford have been spotted wearing a Kayode chain.

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It doesn’t stop here, his jewelry is set to sell in New York City boutiques including Atrium, which is located in Soho Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn. I asked the young designer where he plans to go from here on out and he replied “clothes” and told me to be on the look out for his upcoming line.

I cant wait to see what the young Brooklyn based designer has in stores for the future. Kayode gave me a preview of the Spring/ Summer 2014 jewelry collection and from the looks of it I suggest everyone supports this mans creative and DOPE jewelry.


If you don’t a Kayode chain what are you waiting for ??



To give his jewelry a personal look, add him on Instagram at KayodeCo


Till next time my friends, stay Stylish.

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