Let the Drama Begin: Basketball Wives LA Season 3 Premier [Review and Full Episode]


We all sat anxiously awaiting last night’s season 3 premier of Basketball Wives LA. From the teasers we’ve been giving you on MaseTV, you knew the first episode was going to be a banger!!!

The show started with Draya Michele sitting down with Malaysia Pargo to discuss her budding romance with Dallas Cowboys player, Orlando Scandrick. Orlando moved Draya in to his house, and she of course had to show off mansion. She revealed to Malaysa that she would be heart-broken, and go crazy, if she found out Orlando cheated on her. Draya mentioned how jealous she is of Malaysa’s confidence.

We then got an update from Jackie Christie on the tarnished relationship she has with her two daughters, and some events she wants to partner with GLAAD on that would include the other ladies on BBWives.

Jackie introduces us to Brittish Williams, who’s encaged to a European basketball player Lorenzo Gordon. Brittish opens up to Jackie about her fiancés former cheating ways, and how it took time for them to gain trust amongst each other. Brittish also let us know that she expects her man to cheat, but that she’s ok with it as long as she doesn’t find out. Jackie was hopeful that she could mentor her on changing her viewpoints on that.

Jackie’s friend Sundy Carter filled Jackie in on how her teenage daughter ran away from home over her boyfriend. Jackie and Sundy get along very well being that they both have wild teen daughters that give them loads of problems. Jackie revealed that her daughter was seen giving oral sex all over Twitter, after a leaked pic began surfing the web. This is such an embarrassing thing to discuss, especially on national television.

Jackie introduces us to Brandi Maxiell who is a recent victim of stomach cancer, and the wife of Orlando Magic’s Jason Maxiell . Brandi’s touching story revealed us to her sickness, as well as the strong love she shares with her husband, and determination she has at getting pregnant again.

Brittish introduced us to her fiancé Lorenzo. We got an inside look at their relationship, and it seems like their best friends first, and lovers second, which is how every relationship should be. Brittish also discussed her online boutique, which lets us know that SHE MAKES HER OWN MONEY!

Jackie introduced us to Ariane, who is pretty much a baby mama of a pro ball player name Deshawn, but insists that she be considered “a child’s mother”. Ariane sound very bitter over the fact that she doesn’t have a ring on her finger, but considered her former relationship to the ball player a marriage. Ariane revealed to us that the two broke up because her boyfriend was too disrespectful with his cheating ways, and she wasn’t having it. Jackie informed Arian of her cause and event that she’s working on with GLAAD, however Ariana sort of shut it down after claiming that she doesn’t feel comfortable with homosexuality. Jackie tried to open her up to the idea, and let her know that she would love for her to be involved.

It was now finally time for Jackie to bring all the girls together to discuss the details of this event, however, the new girls, Ariane and Brittish, took this as an opportunity to attack Draya. The debate went from bisexuality, where Ariane shockingly admitted to being bisexual. Very surprising considering her “views on homosexuality”. Brandi tried to offer some kind supportive words to Brittish over her fiance’s position and height issue, and Brittish seemed to take it all the wrong way. The tension between these ladies was THICK!

Brandi felt the need to address Sundy’s daughter oral sex picture, which was obviously inappropriate with them just meeting for the first time. This caused extra tension between Brandi and Brittish, when Brittish stuck up for Sundy.  Draya and Arinae got into BAD over Ariane’s ex who seemed to have cheated on her with Draya. Draya was NOT giving up any information, and ended up making Ariane looks extremely stupid for still caring over a man who clearly never felt the same way.

Brttish made herself sound crazy contradicting after asking Draya if she was a hoe, and saying she “just wanted to know”…..after already attacking Brandi for wanting to know about Sundy’s daughter. These girls are hilarious.

This season of Basketball Wives LA looks JUICY, and we can’t wait to keep you all posted. Watch the full season premier below, and watch all the drama unfold for yourself!!!