Balmain RTW Fall 2014 – The Urban Safari


“Welcome to My Jungle,” was the phrase Olivier Rousteing said to his models and backstage guests during his Fall 2014 show. And a jungle it is.

My first thoughts when I saw this collection were:

1) “Wow Olivier is NOT playing games with these other designers!”

2) “There is a hard divide between Ready to Wear and couture, and he is walking the fine line, but he makes it look so effortless”

3) “Jourdann Dunn can have it all from me.”

balmain 1

Balmain always brings it, but this show was something out of this world.  You can see certain motifs and inspirations blaring like loud sirens.  The safari with an urban chic is the best way to describe this show.  Loose fitting cargo pants and blousons, oversized leather moto jackets, the resurface of the cheetah print, and military green were some reoccurring details on this particular runway.

Oh yea, and tons of leather. Leather everywhere. With gold details and accents. So much leather and gold.

balmain 2

Even with the bad ass appeal the collection gives off, simultaneously it is very feminine.  It is very empowering with every stride down that cat walk.

The way the leather moves around the models hips, only a woman can give it that look and feel.  This collection is for the (rich) woman who comes in the office and the whole entire tempo of the day accelerates because she just walked through those doors. It’s for that woman who when she walks through the club, everyone rubber necks for.  Of course she’s not at some club that every regular peon can get in. She’s only at the most exclusive parties. The ones you can’t get in to. Yes you!

balmain 3


balmain 4

All in all, this is one of the strongest showings this year for Fall 2014 thus far.  I don’t know how any show (except the good folks over at Givenchy) will be able to top this. Olivier is making one clear statement with this. He’s here and he’s here to flip the game on its head.

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Balmain 5