Azealia Banks Gets Bodied By Teenage Disney Star Skai Jackson & Her Mom


The angry bitter femcee Azealia Banks has officially become the laughing stock of Twitter after she got completely bodied by a 14-year-old Disney actress.

In possibly the most random Twitter battle to take place in a long time, Harlem rapper Azealia Banks went up against 14-year-old Disney star and meme superhero Skai Jackson, and Skai ended up straight slaying Azealia “Stanks” with pure class and wit.

Things started when Azealia decided to go in on former 1 Direction band member Zayn Malik,  Azealia began calling him Middle Eastern racial slurs that eventually resulted in her losing her headliner gig at an upcoming European concert.

Skai Jackson innocently noticed what millions of Twitter users have for the entirety of Azealia’s career on social media, and commented.


However, Skai was unaware that Azealia shows no mercy to anyone, regardless of age, race, or gender, and got hit with Azealia “bruja” wrath of Twitter thuggery.


But to Azealia’s surprise, Skai was not the one for social media thugging, and she took back to her timeline to hit Ms. Stanks with a little lesson on what can happen when you bark up the wrong tree.

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LMAO! Azealia got what was coming to her. And Skai read Azealia to filth with so much style and grace.

But Skai’s mom was not too pleased with Azealia’s foolery, and took to Instagram to issue her own response in defense of her daughter.


Azealia boo, at this point its time to pack it up. She has completely blacklisted herself in Hollywood to the point where  NO ONE is willing to work with her.

Smh poor Azealia.