Ashley Judd, Angela Davis, Madonna, Van Jones: 11 Speeches From #WomenMarch [Video]


At least 2.6 million people worldwide, led by hundreds of thousands who overwhelmed the nation’s capital, protested the first full day of Donald Trump’s presidency on Saturday.

Protesters from around the world joined together in calling for a “revolution” and political rebellion against  the new Trump administration and the Republican-led Congress many fear will roll back reproductive, civil and human rights.

According to USAToday, an estimated 2.6 million people took part in 673 marches in all 50 states and 32 countries, from Belarus to New Zealand — with the largest taking place in Washington.

A five-hour rally featured speakers ranging from activists Angela Davis and Gloria Steinhem, Senator Elizabeth Warren, actresses Ashley judd and America Ferrera, CNN’s Van Jones, and pop superstar Madonna.

Take a look at some of the best speeches from the Womens March On Washington below.

Madonna dropped several F-bombs during her speech in Washington D.C.

Actress Ashley Judd gave a powerful speech in D.C.

Actress America Ferrera reminds us that “Trump is not America” during her speech in D.C.

Singer Janelle Monae gave a powerful femist speech in D.C.

Iconic feminist Gloria Steinhem powerful speech in D.C.

Film director and reputable activist Michael Moore gave a powerful speech in D.C.

Actress Scarlett Johannson powerful feminist speech in D.C.

Singer/songwriter Alicia Keys gave a powerful speech and performance in D.C.

CNN’s Van Jones gave a powerful speech in D.C.

Legendary activist Angela Davis gives a powerful and inspiring speech in D.C.

Senator Elizabeth Warren said we will not stop fighting during the Women’s March DC.

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks to thousands at the Womens March in Vermont.