Apryl Jones Parties With The Game After Omarion Releases Diss Track [Video]


R&B singer Omarion recently released an apparent diss track aimed at his baby’s mother Apryl Jones.

Omarion and Apryl ended their relationship this past June,only four months after the birth of their second child A’Mei.

The breakup appeared amicable, with many hoping for the two to reconcile their differences and get back together. But all that seemed to go out the window when Omarion released his latest song “It’s Whatever” that features lyrics directly aimed at his breakup with Apryl.

Omarion is heard singing,

“I’ve been only single four months
I’m just tryna get my swag back
Probably try to catch a few kids
It’s like I never let ’em ride back
Torn apart, catch me, I’m on the run
Told my BM she can have that
Put that on my daughter and my son
Every night I’m having flashbacks

So it’s probably wise that you know that I’m on
You don’t cross the line
Fuck your glass of wine
It’s whatever, whatever”

Well Apryl appears to have gotten revenge against Omarion in one of the best ways possible…….by hanging out and getting turned up with one of his celebrity homies.

Apryl and her girls went over to The Game’s mansion Tuesday night for a party, and Apryl and The Game appeared to be enjoying each other’s company.

The Game is very well known in the industry for being the perfect rebound to heartbroken females. So why not Apryl….have a little fun!

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