Apple Makes It Easier To Trade Your Other Devices For iPhone


Previously, Apple’s trade in program only allowed for old iPhones to be traded. They have since added iPads, Macs +PC trading to the mix, and now, you can trade in select Android, Blackberry and Windows devices and get credit towards an iPhone. This service is now available in the US. You can click here for more information on the trade in program.

You can:

Get credit for your device.

Get credit for your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and eligible smartphones and PCs from other manufacturers. Depending on the device, take it to an Apple Retail Store or get started online.

Get instant credit in store.

Take your iPhone, iPad, or eligible smartphone to an Apple Retail Store and get immediate credit toward the purchase of a new device.1

Get a gift card online.

Tell us about your device and get an online estimate from our partner. If it qualifies, mail it in and get an Apple Store Gift Card.2

Recycle it for free.

Even if your equipment isn’t functional or doesn’t have any value, you can recycle your iPad, iPod, Mac, PC or smartphone responsibly through Apple for free.


Here’s to hailing more users over to team Apple. What do you think about this program tweak? Which team are you on and why? Make A Statement below!!

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