Apollo Nida’s Prison Fiance Reveals They Met While He Was Married


Many fans of hit series “Real Housewives of Atlanta” have been up in arms over the news of Phaedra Parks incarcerated ex-hubby’ recent engagement to a new woman while in prison!

It was recently revealed that Apollo Nida is now engaged to Real Estate broker Sherien Almufti.

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Almufti is set to appear on RHOA but has since taken to social media to show off how in love she is with her incarcerated fiance.


Almufti has now even gone as far as revealing just when the two met, which happens to coincide with Apollo’s marriage to Phaedra.


Apollo and Phaedra were indeed still married in 2013, so of course RHOA fans have taken to Sherien’s comments to put the “mistress” on blast.

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Well. We’re sure Phaedra isn’t losing sleep over this.

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