Amzer Crusta Tempered Glass Embedded iPhone Case: Top Notch Protection [Review]


Protection, design and convenience are highest on the list when looking for phone cases. Does the Amzer Crusta provide all of the above? Let’s take a look.

amzer crusta phone case review


  • AMZER Kristal™ Tempered Glass Protector with 3D Bevelled™ edges
  • Hard Shell Case offered with CRUSTA™ is the core protective layer with an integrated protective Tempered Glass Backing which is 1.1mm thick
  • Functional tri-layer impact protection is achieved by an outer layer made of a highly impact resistant TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) materials with Nano Air Cushion Technology for superior drop protection


The Amzer Crusta tempered glass phone case is made up of four parts. Two pieces that snap together around the phone with a tempered glass backing, a rubber rim around the edges that provide covers for the earphone and charger jack, a belt clip holster and a tempered glass screen protector.

The backing of the case is also equipped with tempered glass so that the front and back of your device has full on protection on both sides.



In terms of protection, the Crusta has done a superb job. The phone (an iPhone 5S in my case) was fully protected from drops and pretty much clumsy proof (my specialty). Although it can provide a bit of bulk and make your phone look like a giant rectangle, it’s all for the best protection of your device.

The tempered glass screen is very discreet and you can still put other cases on your phone without it causing a problem. It’s thin enough, and still works like a charm. You probably won’t shatter your screen like many iPhone users do with this protector on. The included belt holster is cool to have but I made no use of it. Maybe you will…..


The convenience factor is where the Amzer Crusta loses points in my book. Although the case is protective, you can barely put a headphone plug inside the jack and I can’t put my charger plug in with the case on. The bottom part of the two piece plastic body does not allow you to have this freedom. If the design didn’t allow for the ports to have covers, it would have been more convenient but I guess people would like the fact that their headphone jack and charger port are covered with the rubber doors. For people like me on the other hand, I’d rather have my jack and charger port accessible. Instead, I have to take the entire case off and on if I want to listen to music or charge my phone so it was extremely inconvenient.

Pricing/ Availability

You can purchase the Amzer Crusta for your iPhone 5S, 6, or 6 Plus ($45.00) , Samsung Galaxy S5 ($45.00) and other devices HERE.