Amina Buddafly Explains Why Why She Got Pregnant By Peter Gunz After Tara Wallace


Peter Gunz’ pregnant wife, Amina Buddafly, is continuing to address just why she decided to get pregnant by her cheating husband after he got his ex Tara Wallace pregnant following Amina’s abortion.Amina Buddafly recently sat down for an interesting interview with VH1 and revealed that she has no remorse about revealing her pregnancy to Tara Wallace while she was 9 months pregnant.

Amina recently sat down for an interesting interview with VH1 and revealed that she has no remorse about revealing her pregnancy to Tara Wallace while she was 9 months pregnant.

Via: VH1 

Was there any part of you that felt bad telling Tara that you were pregnant on television while she was nine months pregnant?

No, absolutely not. She don’t feel bad about anything that she does. I don’t know why everyone felt bad for her. Even at the reunion, Peter’s daughter, Whitney was like, I just feel so bad for Tara, that she has to take this. What about me? That’s what I had to say. I feel like even though people say you put yourself into this [and] you know what you were getting into. Everyone is just looking at all the stuff that happened with Tara but it’s both of us. She’s the one that said she is not gonna be with Peter no more and that she is moving on. She should have just been honest and real from the beginning three years ago, three seasons ago. She should have been really honest. I would have said, “Listen, he’s mine and I’m not going no where and he’s with me,” and I would have fought for him.

I would probably not even be here or even be pregnant and probably not even had Cori because I wouldn’t have continued [seeing Peter.] I only continued this relationship because she kept putting posts up about how she’s now single and [she was] putting up this image of being strong and moving on. If she wouldn’t have done that I would have been fed up right from the beginning. I don’t want to compete with another women.

Both Peter and Tara have always said they’re not together anymore. I’m not stupid like everyone thinks so I know that actions speak louder than words. Over and over again actions prove that they are not over. It just sucks that they lie, especially her because we all know Peter lies a lot, but she couldn’t be honest about it and said that she’s not moving on. I just, that’s the problem I have.
She also added that she doesn’t speak to Tara because even hearing her name is “disgusting.”

Do you still speak to Tara?

Absolutely not. I do not speak to her. I don’t want to speak to her I don’t want nothing to do with her at all. I don’t have the desire to even talk to her. I don’t want to see her on my Instagram. I unfollowed everyone that keeps posting about her and the baby. In this moment, I just want to forget that and when it’s constantly in my face it’s like I keep being reminded and feelings come up, that I have towards the situation and I don’t want to feel that way right now. I just want be here in the sun and be thinking about how I’m gonna make it with the babies by myself and focus on that. So, no, I don’t even want to talk to her. I don’t like talking about her. When Peter calls me and somehow she comes up like, I don’t even want to hear her name. It’s just disgusting.

According to Amina she got pregnant after Tara, not on purpose, but during makeup sex with Peter.

People say you know that I got pregnant on purpose but I can’t get pregnant by myself. It was just after I found out that Tara was pregnant and I just had the abortion, it was one of the hardest times. I guess I was just so hurt and wanted to feel loved and I just waned Peter to make me feel better and he just felt so guilty and bad about it, that we just made a lot of love. After I found out Tara was pregnant, we just had a lot of make-up sex. You fight and you make up and that’s how I got pregnant again.

I honestly I never told this to anybody but after I found out that Tara was pregnant I told Peter I’m not sleeping with him without a condom. I bought condoms and we used one and after the one he said, I can’t do it and he didn’t want to use them.

Of course it’s my responsibility to be like yes, you have to be responsible but he’s the one who didn’t want to use them. I bought them. He was like, what is this? I made him use it one time. The other times I was just too vulnerable but in the moment I was still hurt about everything and I got pregnant again.

Do you regret the abortion and being open about it on television this season?

Yes and no because I’m kind of proud that I was brave enough to put that out there. Almost every women over 25 has had an abortion. Some women have told me that they have had four, five, or six abortions and that nobody speaks about it. It is something that you get bashed for so everyone hides.

I was brave enough to put it out there so I am kind proud of myself for that even though it was really hard situation. I do still regret it especially now that I’m pregnant again. People say like why does the second baby deserve it and the first baby didn’t and its not even like that. I feel bad that I did it. I feel bad about having an abortion and terminating that pregnancy. It was kind of out of emotion that I made that decision and it was a mistake. And people make mistakes and I don’t feel good about it so I feel like people need to just not be mad at it. Like you make mistakes in live and you learn from it and I would never have another abortion. So all these women just don’t talk about it or they lie and say it was a miscarriage and I’m just honest. It was very hard.


Amina and Tara are the most delusional women we have seen on reality TV to date.