Amber Rose Speaks On Slutshaming For Large Crowd At #SlutWalkLA [Video]


Amber Rose’s long awaited Slutwalk went down yesterday in downtown, LA and the turnout was huge!

She and 15,000 attendees walked to raise conscious awareness for the fight against double standards against women.

Amber represents a new-age feminist and put together an event that brought women from all walks of life together to send a powerful message to the world.

In an interview with Hello Beautiful, she explained how she experienced shaming at a very young age.

“Because a lot of boys liked me, that obviously made me a whore. If I had a lot of male friends, people would assume I was having sex with them.” After growing tired of defending herself, she reached a breaking point. “It was like, let them say whatever they want to say, I’m just going to go on with my life. I stopped caring and I know that’s a difficult place for women to get to but I can be the mentor and advocate for them to look up to.” 

She also went on to defend her and her best friend Blac Chyna’s parenting skills which are more often questioned by their overtly sexual social media postings.

“I’m having fun with my friends, we have a few drinks, we were at the VMAs, we had a good time and wanted to dance in the Uber, that does not make us bad mothers. That does not mean that we’re going to go have an orgy after that. That does not mean that we even have sex on our mind at all. We were just having a good time but people will never ever look at it like that and that’s why I do stuff like that on purpose because that’s when I can talk about it, after the fact. We twerked in an Uber right to our house and put our sons to bed. We sat with our babies and we nurtured them and we put them to bed.”

She adds, “I am not here to be a role model for young girls or for children. I’m not here for that. I don’t want to be a role model. I speak to adults. My SlutWalk is 18 and over. This is for grown women. When it comes to their children or people’s children, I am not raising your children. I’m not here to promote promiscuity at all. This is not about having sex with multiple people. This is about owning who you are as a person and basically you can do whatever a man can do. You have to live your life to the fullest.”

Take a look at some moments from her first annual SlutWalk below.