Amber Rose Blast GQ For Referring to Her As “The Most Famous Girlfriend in Rap History”


Amber Rose is pissed at GQ for reaching out to her for a photo spread and interview, but labeling her “the most famous girlfriend in rap history” on their tabloid-filled article.

GQ featured Amber for their “Amber Rose: How To Be A Bad B***” piece that Amb feels only painted her as just Kanye’s ex and Wiz Khalifa’s baby mama.

SMH! Take a look at Amber’s IG post today.



Well tell us how you really feel Amber!
Take a look at the excerpts from the interview below.

Via: GQ

Let’s get this out of the way: Amber Rose is the most famous girlfriend in rap history. She went from the streets of South Philly to the stripper pole to the background of music videos to Kanye’s arm, where she stayed for two of the most turbulent years of his career—the period following his mother’s death in 2007, and the ambivalent reception to his post-Graduation follow-up, 808s & Heartbreak—all while becoming an object of fascination and lust among music fans and gossip blogs. Rose was in the audience watching in proud exasperation as West stormed the stage during Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech, and she was along for the disastrous media tour that followed. She was by his side as he went into self-imposed exile from the press. She was with him as he masterminded his own redemption story on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, an album that rendered the demise of their borderline-pornographic relationship in hi-def. She has seen some shit. She has definitely heard some s***.

The announcement of How to Be a Bad B*** probably sent a chill up the spine of Rose’s exes, West especially. But with every round of editing the book went through, she slashed more and more angry material. In the final result, she carefully avoids naming names and digging too deeply into her romantic life. This surely means the book won’t sell as well as it could, but for Rose, it’s worth the tradeoff. She’s constantly walking the line between using her past to lift her to new places and pretending it never happened.

“I’ve worked so hard, and I’m still building,” she says. “And I don’t want no one’s name associated with me.”

When Rose gets to talking, she gets to smoking, which leads to preaching. She still has at least one thing in common with West. “I’m a motivational speaker,” she says, and it’s hard to tell exactly how serious she is. A little bit, at least: In recent months, she’s given a college lecture, where she tried to reframe the idea of female sexuality to impressionable young men. Here by the pool, she gives me the monologue: I know before you guys got in here, you had conversations with your friends, like: “Why would I go listen to Amber talk? She’s only famous because she f***ed Kanye…who the f*** wants to listen to her?”

“It’s a fair point,” she admits. “I get it. But now that you’re here, we’re gonna really talk about slut shaming. I really want you guys to sit down and think about the act that your mother had to do with your father in order to have you. Really, fully understand that your mother is a sexual being. Is she a ho?”

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