Amanda Bynes Returns to Twitter to Express More Love for Drake

Amanda Bynes hasn’t been mentioned in the media since she got admitted in a psychiatric evaluation center last month. However, Bynes can’t stay away from the lime light for too long while in the UCLA Medical Center’s psychiatric facility. Her stay in center was extended on Saturday, and it looks like she’ll spend at least another 60 days there attempting to treat her issues.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop Amanda from getting back on Twitter yesterday, for the first time in more than a month.

I love Drake,” tweeted Amanda on Saturday, a fairly common tweet if you’ve been following her social media antics.

Amanda’s last tweet before yesterday was, “Drake is gorgeous.”

Who knows how Amanda was able to tweet from the mental hospital, but she certainly managed it. According to the NY Daily News, Amanda could end up in the hospital for another year, but in all likelihood she’ll be released after another two months to her mother.