Alexander Wang Gives Out FREE Clothing And Causes A Riot. #MustWatch


Famed fashion designer Alexander Wang recently launched his new T line, and decided to do something special for his loyal fans. This fashion genius invited people to a secret event at a secret location to make a huge secret announcement…….that they had the opportunity to grab as much of his new fashion line items for FREE!!!!

In early July, a cryptic email was sent out to Alexander Wang-ers for a “one-time-only, undisclosed special event” which was held at 2pm at the Highline Stages in the Meatpacking District. Everyone from editors to die hard customers lined up (some as early as 7am!) waiting for what was in store, but had NO idea what was in store for them!

In the video below, directed by renowned director Derrick Stein, the doors opened up and a projected video of Alexander Wang looking like fashion’s first pope began to play as he peacefully announced that every single item of clothing from the entire collections of T by Alexander Wang was FREE.

The madness that ensued was well warranted. Fights broke out, a social media strategist for Marc Jacobs left with bloody knees, and clothes were getting snatched right from people’s hands. Meanwhile, Alexander Wang was smiling down upon them knowing that he is madly loved. See how it all went down in the video below: –


Source: StyleBlazer