Aisha Tyler Speaks On Why Black Students Should Consider Non HBCUs 


There has been recent debate around the topic of HBCUs and if a Black high school graduate should consider going to a Historically Black College or University over a more ethnically diverse school.

Well according to Actress/Comedian Aisha Tyler, she feels a Black college freshman should consider going to a predominantly white school, like Dartmouth, because of their standard for “high-caliber teaching” and the opportunity to get experience on how to work with other types of people before entering the workforce.

Via: TIMEMoney

The actress encourages African-American students to attend universities where racism openly occurs instead of campuses where they are in the majority.

“Dartmouth represented a great opportunity. I wanted to go to the best possible school I could go to. Dartmouth is a small school with high-caliber teaching. Our classes were all taught by professors, not teaching assistants. I felt like that was a school where I could make a big splash. The opportunities would be grander and more robust for me there than at a school with 40,000 students. I didn’t mind being in a school with a small African-American population. The African-American-community was very tight, and that was great. But I also wanted to interact with other types of folks. Every culture is very important. Dartmouth has always been dedicated to diversity of culture.”


I’d say, “Step out of your comfort zone. Don’t pick a college that replicates what you did in high school. Test yourself in an unfamiliar context so that you can learn to succeed no matter where you are placed, so that you know you can excel.”

Tyler makes a great point, but do you agree? #MakeAStatement below