Africa’s #1 Fashion Retailer Run By 29-Year-Old NC A&T University Alumni


A 29-year-old NC A&T Alum created a fashion website that has been dubbed the “Amazon of Africa” by Forbes, and shares how following her passion led her to entrepreneurial success.

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29-year-old Olatorera Oniru has accomplished more than people twice her age! The hardworking woman was first recognized for her track record of success as a student at NC A&T State University to her work experience with General Electric and Merrill Lynch. Later, Oniru chose a career-path at the Central Bank of Nigeria then received a MBA at Emory University, all under the age of 25.
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The dedicated entrepreneur is now CEO of a company designated by Forbes this year as the Fashion Amazon of Africa. also named Olatorera Oniru as one of the top 5 Young Entrepreneurs of Africa 2016. She was also nominated by the African Achievers Awards and Commonwealth Awards 2016. retails high-quality designer products from Africa to all over the world. Even better, the CEO is one of Africa’s biggest champions! In one of her recent interview, she said: “I have a strong passion for everything Africa. Over the years, I have come across the most intelligent people making the most creative and ingenious fashion pieces; yet African fashion, does not yet have a significant footprint on the $3.3 Billion global fashion map. We need to grow the market and have the creativity and excellence of our designers and manufacturers account for a significant percentage of the global fashion industry market share.”

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